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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Focus on Film: Miss Poppy Moore

Spray tans, hair extentions and Jimmy Choo's. Thats what viewers first expected of the part comedy/part d&m film Wild Child with Emma Roberts. Spoiled rich kids takes a turn away from Upper East side New York on this blog to the sunny beaches of malibu and the rainy countryside of England. Filthy rich airhead brat Poppy Moore lives the heiress life, with manicures, soirees and free Gucci shoes for all her hangers-on. After an over the top party is crashed by her father, she is shipped off to the stritc English boarding school, where she gives students and teachers a "good ol' rollicking" but hitching up her skirts, wearing
her goat shmere jackets and singing a Buddhist chant during dinners prayer.

As well as being a highly entertaining film, Poppy's fashion direction is to be commended, simply for having so much designer accessories that it's a good look. The way she throws around $3000 dollar Louis Vuitton handbags around, and practically prays to the latest season Manolo Blahniks is a definite scream! A must-watch film

:P :P :P


  1. teheehee this was a thriller of a film, <3 it

  2. what brand of shoes does she wear on her first school day? with the uniform? that black one... i'd love to know that, cuz im in loooove with those shoes... *-*

  3. I love Emma roberts...I love comedy films.
    So Of course I loved this film!!!