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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fashion Focus on Shoes (Volume One): Manolo Blahnik

Somethings definetley been the reason for the worlds women dying to get ahold of their very own pair of Manolo Blahnik heels, and I know a few competing designer shoe companies who are just DYING to find out the secret.
There are few sorts of shoes that can ultimately state that women live for them. How can i describe them; they are the shoes that Carrie Bradshaw married Mr. Big in (1st pic), that shes has starved herself in order to afford, and where she was mugged and had them stolen from her. They're creative, theyre interesting, but they are downright expensive too.
Manolo Blahnik opened his first store in 1972, and started the creation of his high end shoe empire straight away.
The shoe-brand is now world famous and frequently seen on celebs and fashionista's alike. Jokes are frequently made about the sheek design of the shoe actually causing errible pain in a womans foot, and the idea of suffering for high fashion is also tossed around.
The price ranges for a pair of the walking collectables can be between $300-$500 ($600-$1000 AUD)

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