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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fashion Focus on Televison: Miss Jennifer Humphrey

Jenny Humphrey
Age: 16
Profession: Student, elected Queen of Constance Billard Academy, aspiring fashion designer
Hobbies: "wearing designer clothes and bossing people around"
Jenny Humhrey! tsk tsk tsk what has happened to you. Originally the quirky girl who greeted us in plaid skirts and ponytailed hair, now we see a black leather clad queen with a crystal headband on her head. However did this come about?
Let me tell you how this came about: LITTLE J grew up. For any readers not (yet) addicted to Gossip Girl, Jenny Humphrey started off as a nobody-girl in Brooklyn, attending the posh private school Constance Billard. She is intorduced at the "handmaiden" of Queen Blair Waldorf.
She slowly climbs the social ladder of the clique as Blair loses power, and we can see this simply through her clothes. The simple stylish school uniform is added to with accessories newer hairstyles. In the second photo, we see J carrying a Valentino bag, which is not advertised at all (it costs about 4000 dollars and Jenny is meant to be poor) so we can assume she got it as a gift from one of her Constance socialite friends.
When Blair graduates senior year she hands the "crown" to Jenny, to succeed her
This sudden clutch of power, along with her father Rufus' moving in with Lily Bass, multi-millionaire ultimately turns Jenny into the "royal byatche" we see of her in the last few episodes. Discarding the clothes she made in favor of Lily's purchases at Bendel's and Berghdorf's.
Jennys personal style has certainly taken a change of colour ince her succession to the throne, but it remains blatant. She uses certain accessories (a leather jacket, a plaid tie, brightly coloured stockings) to make her own personal style, and this also reflects in her fashion creations, which have a sense of crazy fashion (3rd last photo)
Unfortunately Im a few episodes of Gossip Girl behid, but cant wait for the season 3 dvd to be released, am dying to see what will happen with Little J. Stay tuned...

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