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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fashion Focus on Television: Miss Samantha Jones

Samantha! A love-machine, a female version of a male playboy; it all points to one thing, S is a sex addict

Having only seen the movie Sex and the City and read the book (yes you read correctly, there IS a book) i'm already captivated with Samantha's character; controlling (to the point of dominance) fiercely loyal and humorous. She has an inner outrageousness behind her good looks and excellent figure (for a 50 year old woman, it cant be denied that she is still sizzling) that she loves to explode at any inopportune moment. My favorite scene takes place at Christie's where S places "50 f***ing thousand" on a diamond ring after a fierce battle with a woman who turns out to have been buying in on behalf of Samantha's bf. Samantha aims to be the man in her relationships, emotionless in sex, and enjoying every experience just for the pleasure. In many ways she pulls this off, as she is a successful, wealthy, attractive person, yet a woman...

With her outrageousness, Samantha's dress sense works perfectly, as we view bright yellows, greens, reds and pieces that you would expect on a 22yr-old-Upper East side socialite instead of a 50-yr-old-Califronia buisness magnate. Another fav scene involves Samantha, in an effort to distract herself from the "distracting" Dante next door, she takes a huge shopping spree at Gucci :P

Finally, in the sequel, S has been spotted around The Big Apple in no less than a shimmery veil, a train, and a boquet. Yes, thats the rumour, Samantha Jones is getting married

We'el have till the movie release in May, but if Samantha; the sex goddess who put herself in the "we're never getting married file" is really and truly tying the knot, she has the rest of us asking "What is happening to the world?"

P.S In the final pic, we know you like fashion eccentricity S, but the uggboots might be a tad underkill

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