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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. THIS JUST DISCOVERED, even though it happened last year. Paris Hilton modelled for Guess. You are now permitted to use the following Omg or Wth terms. Our posh heiress P modelled along with signature chihuahua's and short skirts. Does she expect us to take her seriously when a furry rat is crawling over her privates. AND why did Australia never see any of the above Paris pics. Despite looking decent in quite a good few of the photoshoot pics, It almost appears as though Guess decided to put Paris Hilton on display instead of their clothes.

Fashion Focus: Marie Antoinette


Birth Title: Maria Antonia Josepha Joanna Habsburg-Lorraine, Archduchess of Austria

Married Title: Marie Antoinette Bourbon, Queen of France and Navarre

Literally, the Queen of Fashion of her time, Marie Antoinette of France was actually born in Austria. One of nine, she was brought up under different governesses, yet was never quite out of the range of her busy mother. That mother was in a quest to marry off her children to royals from other countries, to expand her empire.

As a child Maria suffered the death of her father, followed by the loss of her sister, and niece, and governess. Her favorite sister was sent away to marry the King of Naples, while another sister suffered smallpox and hid away in a veil to eventually become a nun. It was a sad childhood

At fourteen she was betrothed to the Dauphin Louis Auguste of France, and moved to the palace of Versailles. Here her life was transformed into a cascade of balls, limitless money (so it would seem) and gambling. Drugs came into this story too, as did passionate affairs. Simply put, it was an 18th century Gossip Girl

Marie Antoinette is probably most famous for her saying "Let them eat cake" which she never actually said, and her huge spending sprees, but her was her clothes that really annoyed the common French people. wigs so high you had to duck under doors, skirts so wide you had to turn at doorways, powdered faces, lace fans, whalebone cosets and garish shoes and the result is a 1700's french aristocrat. It was probably her rash spending that wrought her downfall, but Marie Antoinette was an intelligent and complex woman nonetheless.

For now, lets just contemplate some of her jaw-dropping outfits. Some of these are provided by the 2006 film with Kirsten Dunst

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fashion Focus: Miss Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw
Age: forty-something
Profession: writer and part-time editor at Vogue
Marital status: engaged, then jilted, then got back together with the jilter. Stay tuned...
Fashion direction: Often, excessive designer
Oh please, these are only the details on the surface. CARRIE BRADSHAW IS AN ICON, the face of all things Sex and the City and a truly gossip worthy subject at any occassion
As with that marital status, its been rocky for quite a good many decades now, and theres no sign of it plateauing anytime soon. Thank god, cos what would all those die-hard Sex and the City fans do. Sure theres the other girls, but Carrie is what the fashion part of the show stands for: scandalous
As we see through the above photos, all of Carries outfits are sophistocated, and classy, and show her good taste, but after watching the tv show, i realised that it has taken the decades of the shows span for Carrie to fully learn these fashion tricks. But even in the movie, she can still shock, wearing mini skirts, high stilettos and tight dresses which the normal forty-something woman wouldnt dare be seen in.
Theres a second installment to the Sex and the City movie, and I, along with millions of fans, intend to enjoy every minute of Carrie's fashion collection, along with her dramas

Fashionable Focus: Brunch

Brunch: the very word can strike the chords of excess and decadence. The very idea of an unessecary meal between breakfast and lunch reeks of style and sophistocation. Clearly the upper class seem to agree. Very often on shows and movies Sex and the City and television shows Gossip Girl and Privileged, the characters attend this meal as the perfect opportunity to discuss thier dramas and scandals. It's delicious food served with the weeks latest gossip
Now, for almost the first time ever, Melbourne teens have picked up on the traditions of Blair and Carrie, and tomorrow takes us to a stylish cafe for brunch. Excited? You bet we are
Stay tuned for the deets

Fashion Focus on television: Miss Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf: The name can strike love, loathing, or a throat-clincing fear at its very sound. A social prowler; a murderer, if you will. She's ruthless, with a clean kill, and the same can be said for her fashion sense. As these photos show, B pulls off any designer runway outfit with a well-put-together look, that adds to her character. She looks incredibly at home wearing six inch Chanel heels or carrying a $5000 Dior bag. And any Gossip Girl addict will admit that the constant stream of cool clothes keeps them coming back for more
Blairs look is perfectly put-together for her personality; preppy, well pieced out and put-together. Ironic that its exactly how she wants to be portrayed as a person, in complete control, whilst through the show we discover little B is a tad insecure.
Either way, keep up the fashion show B. You seem to be the key object when viewers think of Gossip Girl, and trust me, in every imagination, you're wearing nothing less than a five inch heel

Happy bday message to andrew

Andrew; the rattiest of rats, the dirtiest of homewreckers and an avid Lady Gaga fan. Happy sixteenth bday, have a great one with lots of happy memories and good pressies

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Focus on movies: Miss Rebecca Bloomwood

Rebecca Bloomwood
Dress: VISA
Belt: Mastercard
Boots: Amix
Bag: GUCCI! (and worth every penny)
behold the outfits of a New York fashion-obsessed woman. In the recent film Confessions of a Shopaholic, Isla Fisher plays the big-hearted girl with a sight habit and no funds to suppot it. With a whopping TWELVE credit cards (all in their overdrafts) Becky swans through Henry Bendels, Bloomingdale's, Barney's, Berghdorf's and Saks without a care in the world.....that is until her bill arrives. She tries cutting back, she tries making more money, she tries really hard, but nothing is working.
This movie is hilarious and can't be missed. But the focus of thisarticle is most importantly her CLOTHES! Becky owns an enormous closet, in which she stocks an endless supply of this seasons must-haves. Through the film we see her wearing Gucci, Zac Posen, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Loboutin with style and elegance
Her outfits are made up of accessories more than actal clothes, which seems to be a recurring theme with New York women. We remember Carrie Bradshaw, who's clothes are set off even more by her accessories. Its good to see a younger woman taking a view on this too :D
Keep up the spending R, we adore your antics and your reactions when those VISA bills come in the letterbox

Fashion opinions wanted: Alexander Mqueens 2010 spring-summer collection (LOOK AT THE PICS FROM BOTTOM TO TOP)

Apologies for the pics appearing backwards but it raelly is best to travel from the bottom to top.
Well, Alexander Mcqueen certainly took high fashion to new frontiers in this collection, oh - him and Lady Gaga. :D
Lady Gaga, having twittered 30 minutes beofre the shows begining that she was premiering her new single, gave reason for thousands and thousands to try and get into the centre to hear it.
The show setting itself was spectacular. A sparkly runway, in which two sinister looking, robotic movie cameras moved back and forth. Meanwhile on a huge screen, Knights video of Raquel Zimmerman writhing around with snakes all over her body was being played.
McQueen's note in the prelude stood out boldly "I am not Nostradamus!" and models began strutting the stage in very fitting but altogether mind-blowing clothing. It lookes slightly sea-mammal and slightly reptilian, but the overall effect was incredible transforming
As for the shoes, well you can just try and imagine the craftsmanship and work put into them. This show made me think of alot of incredibly dressed Mermaids.
Lady Gaga wears many of this collections clothes in her music video Bad Romance. And she was one of his main celebrity supporters.