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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fashion Focus: Miss Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw
Age: forty-something
Profession: writer and part-time editor at Vogue
Marital status: engaged, then jilted, then got back together with the jilter. Stay tuned...
Fashion direction: Often, excessive designer
Oh please, these are only the details on the surface. CARRIE BRADSHAW IS AN ICON, the face of all things Sex and the City and a truly gossip worthy subject at any occassion
As with that marital status, its been rocky for quite a good many decades now, and theres no sign of it plateauing anytime soon. Thank god, cos what would all those die-hard Sex and the City fans do. Sure theres the other girls, but Carrie is what the fashion part of the show stands for: scandalous
As we see through the above photos, all of Carries outfits are sophistocated, and classy, and show her good taste, but after watching the tv show, i realised that it has taken the decades of the shows span for Carrie to fully learn these fashion tricks. But even in the movie, she can still shock, wearing mini skirts, high stilettos and tight dresses which the normal forty-something woman wouldnt dare be seen in.
Theres a second installment to the Sex and the City movie, and I, along with millions of fans, intend to enjoy every minute of Carrie's fashion collection, along with her dramas

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