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Sunday, March 28, 2010


LADY GAGA IS IN MELBOURNE. Media spies reported her entering Chanel and in true pop-star fashion, going ballistic. Heres wat a media piece has to say

CRAZY couture is more her thing, but controversial American pop star Lady Gaga has shown she's more than partial to a bit of high-end retail therapy - always with a twist, though.
Spies tell us the singer went on a spree at Chanel's Melbourne city store last week, snapping up a white shirt ($2670) f
rom the fashion house's Cruise 2010 collection, a Jumbo Classic quilted bag in gold ($4350) and a Camellia brooch ($830).
But the most wacky of her purchases came in the form of a sleep mask equipped with eyelashes stitched on the outside that cost $590.
All items were paid for on her own credit card, under her real name of Stefani Germanotta.
Later that night, at her concert, Gaga shouted out a thank-you to the "Chanel buddies" who had helped her out during the spending spree, which totalled an eye-watering $8440.
Gaga's manager also bought a pair of black leather gloves ($1210) at the store as a gift for the star, who celebrates her 24th birthday today.

Gaga, u are amazing. Please keep up ur "crazy couture" and big spending. Don't change a thing, cos ur inspirational. PLUS OMFG I STOOD IN THE CHANEL STORE TODAY, WE STOOD ON THE FLOOR UPON WHICH UR HEELS HAVE WALKED GAGA, I WANTED TO LICK THE FLOOR :P