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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fashion Focus on television: Miss Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf: The name can strike love, loathing, or a throat-clincing fear at its very sound. A social prowler; a murderer, if you will. She's ruthless, with a clean kill, and the same can be said for her fashion sense. As these photos show, B pulls off any designer runway outfit with a well-put-together look, that adds to her character. She looks incredibly at home wearing six inch Chanel heels or carrying a $5000 Dior bag. And any Gossip Girl addict will admit that the constant stream of cool clothes keeps them coming back for more
Blairs look is perfectly put-together for her personality; preppy, well pieced out and put-together. Ironic that its exactly how she wants to be portrayed as a person, in complete control, whilst through the show we discover little B is a tad insecure.
Either way, keep up the fashion show B. You seem to be the key object when viewers think of Gossip Girl, and trust me, in every imagination, you're wearing nothing less than a five inch heel

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