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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fashion opinions wanted: Alexander Mqueens 2010 spring-summer collection (LOOK AT THE PICS FROM BOTTOM TO TOP)

Apologies for the pics appearing backwards but it raelly is best to travel from the bottom to top.
Well, Alexander Mcqueen certainly took high fashion to new frontiers in this collection, oh - him and Lady Gaga. :D
Lady Gaga, having twittered 30 minutes beofre the shows begining that she was premiering her new single, gave reason for thousands and thousands to try and get into the centre to hear it.
The show setting itself was spectacular. A sparkly runway, in which two sinister looking, robotic movie cameras moved back and forth. Meanwhile on a huge screen, Knights video of Raquel Zimmerman writhing around with snakes all over her body was being played.
McQueen's note in the prelude stood out boldly "I am not Nostradamus!" and models began strutting the stage in very fitting but altogether mind-blowing clothing. It lookes slightly sea-mammal and slightly reptilian, but the overall effect was incredible transforming
As for the shoes, well you can just try and imagine the craftsmanship and work put into them. This show made me think of alot of incredibly dressed Mermaids.
Lady Gaga wears many of this collections clothes in her music video Bad Romance. And she was one of his main celebrity supporters.

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