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Where to be seen

Having spent his whole life entranced by the dwellings and "habitats" of that teensy tiny class up the very top of the social pyramid; the Supernova's of the rich, the most successful and the most elite, this little blogger finally decided to do some writing on where these walking cashcow's spend their time and why they stay there. The unattainabe gets something of a tangible feel for us normal folk, and I hope you feel a little bit o the glam reading what ive worked on...

No. One: Toorak

The name of the inner Melbourne suburb Toorak is synonymous with opulence, mansions hidden behind tree-lined streets and gracious living. Ay Melbournian should know all about Melbourne's Beverly Hills, the place to be seen in the new Porche or Ferrari, revving past the tree-lined streets and high end stores.

It's one of Melbourne's little glances into luxury.

No. Two: Fifth Avenue
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