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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A before-concert message to halt the war for the arrival of Lady Gaga

This is a message to the person who portraed me the monster. The person who witnessed me in one of my most depressed and desperate stages of my life and turned that issue into a laughing stock. The person who found my problems a good piece of gossip, and the person who accused me of faking it for attention.

I'm not having my much anticipated Lady Gaga concert ruined by some bitchy duel over teenage gossip. I am going to enjoy this night, im not going to merge all my energy into thinking of ways of revenge on you. If you wanna spend your night being a bitch then go ahead, cos you dont matter enought to me for me to care anymore. I have more important things of my life to worry about, without you trying to turn all my friends against me

If you're feeling like you wanna contunue this fight into tomorrow of all nights, then just dont talk to me at all. Cos im not forgiving you

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