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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Focus On Film: Brideshead Revisited

Hayley Atwell

Based on one of my favorite novels of all time by Evelyn Waugh; this recently released movie-recreation of Brideshead Revisited proved to be in many ways just as alluring as the novel.

The plot revolves around a poor Oxford student, Charles Ryder, making friends with the mysterious and a la monde Sebastian Flyte. Charles becomes acquainted with his unimaginably wealthy and aristocratic family; his popular perfect socialite sister Julia, his pious mother Lady Marchmain, and his deeply religious brother and sister, who all habit the grand Castle Brideshead.

As Charles spends more time with the enchanting family, problems seem to arise in its midsts. Sebastian is discovered to be a raging depressed alcoholic, Lady Marchmain's Catholics upbringing seems to have given her a certain coldness, and she forces intervention on Sebastian's drinking, and his brother and sister seem to have been brainwashed in their desire to be good Catholic's.

This was really one of the most expertly written novels i've ever read, which had me continue reading non-stop. I also highly reccomend the movie.

Finally, the family's fashion sense displays the high-fortune and slight eccentricity of the 1920's British peerage, and many of Lady Marchmain's (Emma Watson's) outfits prove entertaining


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  1. Actually watched this movie, and i totally thought it would be a posh piece of rubbish. Wasn't, but was really interesting