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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fashionable Focus on: The Ritz Paris

The best Luxury Paris has to offer, and certainly to be commended; The Ritz Paris. No to those currently thinking, is this that cracker. The Ritz is a luxury hotel thats had generations of celebs, royals, and rich people flockin its halls, and no wonder! This hotel was where Princess Di stayed with Dodi Al Fayed before being killed in her tragic car accident, where Anna Wintour stays ever year for the European fashion shows, where Miranda Priestly stayed while Andy Sachs chucked her Blackberry into the Place du Concorde fountain. The Ritz is a dream! An expensive one at that too, the Imperial suite costing a staggering 20,000 euros a night ($40,000 AUD)

Anyone fancy taking out a second mortgage???

The hotel is lovely to pass by and see though, and its fabulous for the bulk of dreamers to fantasize about, with a marble pool area, fountains, gilt, rich people, and full on pampering.

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